Danijel Company d.o.o
Address: Donje Krajince bb, Leskovac, R. Serbia
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- Production of PP binders for baling hay and straw.
- The production of mesh bags for potatoes, onions, peppers, etc.


Sales:: +381 16 294 462, 63 458 834
Production: +381 63 253 750
Fax: +381 16 294 463

About Us

Danijel Company Ltd. is a manufacturing company, which was formed as a product of many years of business activity in which are now the second generation of family members, who for many years and through various business ventures, achieved solid market positioning. Starting from the last decade of the twentieth century, during which the family business gradually grew and developed its commercial business engagement to the current market positioning as a responsible and reliable manufacturers.

Today, the Danijel Company Ltd. can boast that it is a family business that this company continues, as such, have a pioneering and a leading business enterprise in this part of Serbia, as the founder of the family business was the first to establish the production of products based on polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (HDPE) intended farmers.

Danijel Company Ltd. has its own business plans that easily put into practice in order to further promotion, growth and development started in the family business.